Minimum Charge Policy

ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa is not your average pet grooming shop. We are a premium service that provides individualized attention from start to finish for your pet, with the convenience of pet grooming brought to your home or office, saving you time. As our operating costs are higher, we know our services are not for everyone's budget.

We have a minimum charge policy to reflect our costs of bringing pet spa services to your door. For full grooming services that require the dispatch of our mobile pet grooming spa, the minimum charge is $55.

Mini services where our mobile pet grooming spa is not dispatched incur a minimum charge of $25.

We charge a minimum service price with charges for additional time required. The lowest price can be obtained by pet owners who groom their pets regularly. When a pet's coat is maintained with regular grooming sessions and maintenance between appointments by the pet's owner, it takes less time to groom the pet during the appointment. Our time estimates are based on our experience of the time it takes to groom a pet whose coat is regularly maintained.

Pets who are NOT regularly groomed take longer to groom. There are frequently problems with matted coats, foreign objects in the coat, and longer nails to be trimmed. This takes more time. It is not fair to us or to clients who DO keep up with their pet's grooming needs to subsidize those pet owners who do not. Neglected pets take more time, thus the pet's owner pays a higher fee with charges for additional time.

We have determined we cannot profitably perform services using a flat rate schedule due to the variation of condition of each individual pet.

Multiple Pets

Prior to grooming, the groomer will consult with the pet owner or an immediate family member regarding the services to be performed. We cannot conduct this consultation without the owner or immediate family member present. This policy is a requirement of our insurance company and cannot be waived.

Due to limitations of consumable supplies, fresh water and waste water storage carried aboard the mobile pet spa, we cannot groom more than three pets per appointment.

Because each pet is groomed individually with an equal amount of care and attention, we do not offer multiple pet discounts.

Payment Policy

ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa accepts these methods of payment:

  • Cash
  • Discover/Novus
  • Master Card credit and debit cards
  • VISA credit and debit card
Failure to pay for services will be brought to the attention of the local Police Department.  
Appointment Cancellation Policy

ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa is a low-volume, high-quality business that combines needed services with added convenience to the client. We are a PREMIUM service. Due to the individualized service provided to you and your pet at your location, coupled with the costs of bringing a specialized pet grooming spa vehicle to your location, we cannot achieve the economies that a fixed location pet grooming shop can obtain. Where a fixed location shop with multiple groomers may be able to groom upwards of fifty pets or more per day, ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa, by nature of its mobile business involving travel between appointments, can do no more than six to eight pets per day.

Last minute cancellations of appointments are costly to ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa, and the potential earnings lost cannot be recovered. Therefore, any appointment cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be billed to the client for a minimum trip charge of $55. An invoice will be sent to the client and no further appointments will be scheduled until the invoice is paid in full. Invoices unpaid over ninety days will be referred to our collection agency for collection action. All costs of collection will be assessed to the client.

It is not our wish to alienate our clients, but we must balance our desire to maintain good client relations with our need to meet expenses and make a profit.

Exceptions to this cancellation policy may be made only if extenuating circumstances were experienced by the client, and such exception is at the sole discretion of ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa.


ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa will make every attempt to provide a cost estimate as accurate as possible, based on the client's verbal representation of the pet's condition when the appointment is booked. If the pet's condition differs significantly from the client's representation upon arrival at the client's location, ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa reserves the right to revise the estimate to reflect the pet's actual condition and the amount of time to bring the pet's coat to a satisfactory condition. Such estimate revision will be discussed with the client before grooming services are performed. ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa will make every attempt to satisfy the desires of the client in terms of cost of the grooming service while ensuring the safety and comfort of the pet to be groomed.

ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa relies on the client's truthful and accurate representation of the pet's behavior and health. Upon ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa's arrival at the grooming location, the groomer will evaluate the pet's condition. If in the professional opinion of ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa the pet cannot be groomed to the client's desires without causing harm to the pet or the groomer, or if a gross misrepresentation was made as to the pet's condition or behavior, grooming services will not be performed and the minimum trip charge of $55 will be due and payable immediately.

Disclosure of Dangerous Behavior

At the time of booking an appointment, the client shall disclose to ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa any previous dangerous behavior exhibited by their pet. We reserve the right to verify any statements concerning a pet's behavior with the client's veterinarian, previous groomers, or animal control authorities if there is any doubt by ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa management as to the potential behavior of the client's pet.

Depending on the severity of the dangerous behavior, ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa may refuse to book the appointment, or if grooming service is offered, ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa may be required to use restraints such as muzzles or other restraints to perform grooming services and ensure the safety of the groomer. The client, as a condition of having grooming services performed on their pet, acknowledges the right of ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa to use restraints in the course of the grooming session if in the sole judgment of the groomer that such restraints are required for safety purposes. If the client objects to use of such restraints, the grooming session will immediately terminate and the minimum trip charge of $55 will become due and payable. Aggressive behavior which results in a bite or other injury to the groomer or ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa staff will be reported to the animal control agency of the county where the grooming was performed, in accordance with the requirements of California law.

Use of Sedatives

ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa does not practice veterinary medicine, and we cannot legally administer sedatives or drugs as an aid to grooming. We do realize that there are some situations where a veterinarian may prescribe sedatives or drugs to be administered by the client before grooming services are performed.

As we have no control over the use of sedatives or drugs we do not administer, ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa assumes no liability for adverse reactions to sedatives or drugs during the grooming process. All risks of using sedatives or drugs are assumed by the client. This includes death of the pet.

Requests for Information for Appointment Processing, Marketing, and Reminder Services

ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa will request certain information upon booking an appointment for a client. This information helps us to serve you better and inform you of money saving offers from ZOOM GROOM Mobile Pet Spa. If you do not wish to provide any of the following information, please let us know when requesting your appointment.

  • Telephone number: To confirm appointment and for emergency contact information.
  • Referred by: If you were referred by a ZOOM GROOM client, please let us know the client's name so that we may properly credit the referral. If you heard about ZOOM GROOM through our advertising, please let us know which advertising media informed you about our services.
  • E-mail address: Our office automatically sends out reminder e-mails for your convenience. They are typically sent 48 to 72 hours before the scheduled appointment. This will allow you to cancel an appointment if needed in sufficient time to avoid a cancellation penalty.

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